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Puer to DNA 2023

3-day course, which will take you down to the roots of tea

28.9 - 1.10.2023 | Střížovice by Jindřichův Hradec | For beginners and advanced tea drinkers



Courses and experiences are led by Tomáš Rajnoch and Jakub Seif, who import teas and experience directly from the source. In the past 10 years. Tomáš has made 12 trips to China and learned directly from local tea producers and masters. Jakub established many contacts with tea experts from all over the world. He worked behind the bar of the famous O5 Teabar in Vancouver and visited Taiwan and Vietnam, which he fell in love with.
Together we run the Meetea tea studio and store.


Tomáš Rajnoch


Jakub Seif

Who is the course for

  • beginners who want to discover the endless world of ageing tea

  • tea lovers who want to delve into the depths of old-tree tea
    and aged teas

  • connoisseurs and lovers of wine, coffee and delicacies

  • employees of tea houses and tea shops

The course is only for 12 participants, so it has a cosy, friendly atmosphere.


What awaits you

  • We will clarify the types of Puer, terminology and processing

  • Through photos from our travels, we will go to the tea mountains of Yunnan and Vietnam

  • We will talk about the most important eras of history that divide the world of Puer

  • We will taste wonderful teas from our archive

  • In three days, we will taste teas in different stages of maturity, from young to the oldest from the 70s

  • We will focus on how to brew Puer

  • Everyone will press their own tea cake

Extra perks

  • You can taste and drink tea even outside the workshop time - our vast tea collection and quality tea utensils will be available to you at all times

  • We will be available to you every day in the early evening and we can explore anything else that interests you

  • You will exchange experiences and meet new people

  • And of course swimming, fire and tea in nature!


Place, accommodations, food

Střížovice by Jindřichův Hradec (map)

By car it's about 1 hour and 50 minutes both from Prague and Brno, we will try to organise carpooling with other participants.

In a South Bohemian cottage with a beautiful garden and surroundings. Simple accommodations, shared kitchen, stylish tearoom – all in one place.

There are two comfortable bathrooms and restrooms available

You will have access to a fully equipped kitchen.

We can provide delicious vegetarian lunches by a great local cook, which you can order a week before the course.

Price and registration

4800,- Kč with accommodation in a shared loft room.
4200,- Kč for fans of summer romantics and privacy in your own tent (in our garden) or with your own accommodation.

Price includes accommodation, the full programme
and deluxe "all you can drink" teas

  • Within a week from registration, we expect a deposit payment of half of the price. You can pay the second half until 7.9.2023 or you can pay it all at once.

  • If you make a registration, however, you won't be able to attend for any reason let us know before 20.8.2023, only then can we refund you the full price of the course. If you cancel your registration after 20.8.2023 and do not find a replacement for yourselves, we cannot refund the price of the course.


Need any help?

Write or call Maruška

T: +420 608 817 067

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