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Our teas, tea pottery, incense, gift vouchers and workshops.


Tea subscription

Every month we send you our selection of fresh teas with a story.


Tea studio

Tea shop and bar with a small garden,
a hidden oasis in the heart of Prague.


About us

Meetea is jointly created by Jakub and Tomáš. You will meet at least one of us behind the bar in our Tea Studio, an oasis of calm in the heart of Prague, where we taste and sell tea and organize tea workshops where we share our many years of experience. We have both been involved in tea for over 15 years, we have visited a number of tea gardens, factories and experts in Asia, where we have tasted countless types and qualities of tea. We source most of our favourite teas directly from farmers, traders and collectors, now our good friends, whom we have met on our tea travels and work with for a long time.

O nás

Our teas

In our online store, you will not find all the teas of the world, but only our personal favourites – teas that we ourselves drink and in particular teas we get directly from the farmers. Be it simple village teas or precisely crafted gems, we like teas with charm and personality. When choosing teas we focus on the aroma, and taste but also on the body sensations. Most of all we love tea from small gardens, organically grown or tea from old and wild tea trees.


Tea studio Meetea

Tuesday to Friday from 12  to 20 hours our studio functions as a store and a tea bar. You can taste any tea from our colection or some under the counter samples, which we always have plenty of. We serve tea in bowls for a short reprieve or traditionaly in a small teapot. And if you catch us tasting or sampling at the bar, you are welcome to join us.

Apart from tea you can also bring home handmade pottery, incense from Taiwan and other tea accessories. We can also offer private tastings, workshops or private tea ceremony.

Our Tea studio is about a 5min walk from the Wenceslav square, hidden in a small backyard at  Školská 32, Prague 1. Open Tue-Fri 12 - 20

Looking forward to sharing a cup of tea!​



Tomáš Rajnoch

tel: +420 603 213 875


Jakub Seif

tel: 731 182 327


Školská 32, Prague 1

Open Tue-Fri 12 - 20

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